How do we find the MyFirmMarketing - marketing on the go for professionals app?

It is available on iTunes and Google Play.  The easiest way is to go to the app using the links to the stores on the home page.  Or email us at support and we will email you the links to the app on the stores.



How does the app work?

After you purchase the app and download to your device, you access the app anytime you are doing anything in marketing or business development.  Go to the Categories page, select the category for the type of marketing activity and click on that link.  It will bring up a list of advice and tips on how to win at that area of your marketing effort.


There are three categories that have additional information divided into subcategories.  They are Networking, Entertainment and Events / Seminars.  When you click on one of those, it will bring up the respective subcategories page and then you select your marketing activity tips section from there.


The data is constantly updated by us to stay current.  And you never have to download another version of this particular app to get updated tips and advice.



How does the app receive its data?

The app pulls in real time from a huge database where we are constantly updating the information.  To make it so you don't have to download additional app versions, it was created this way.  Because of this feature, your phone automatically pulls the data at lightening speed.  Your iPad with cellular will pull the data instantly as well.  Your wifi only iPad will pull the data just as quickly, but you need to make sure you are connected to wifi or a hotspot.



What do I need?

Your iPhone, iPad or Android phone.  If you are using iPad, and you have the wifi only iPad, you will need to make sure you have wifi turned on and to have a connection to access the information.



Will I need to keep up with versions of the app?


Will I have any additional expenses after purchasing?


Will you try to sell us additional things within the app?


Will there be ads in the app or will you send me newsletters, etc?


Will you download any data on me if I purchase and use this app?


Does this app utilize any tracking technology on its users?




What do I do if I have any questions?

Email us directly at